Some Different Ways To Take Your Photography To the Next Level

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Some Different Ways To Take Your Photography To the Next Level

Smartphones have turned almost everyone into a photographer, and if you’re like nearly everyone else, you want to find ways to take your photography to the next level.

So, let’s explore. Here are some options to help you improve the quality of your photos, along with some tips on how to best implement them.

Forget About Auto Focus

If you want to take spontaneous photos, you need to forget about autofocus. Why? Because it’s an attention hog, pure and simple; autofocus is constantly prompting you to make adjustments.

It’s also not all that powerful either, so if you switch over to manual focus, you’ll automatically become a better photographer.

The other argument for doing this is that manual focus is a lot better than it used to be. Smartphone cameras are constantly evolving, as are their digital cousins, and if you get good at using them, you’ll improve even more.

Learn To Color Match

A lot of people use filters in their photos, but many don’t know exactly how they can make photos look better. Filters are often thought about in “mode” terms—i.e., warmth, shadow brightness, dynamic range, etc.—but it’s really all about the overall effect you’re after.

Specifically, the trick is to pick the dominant color of your photo and use the color controls to try to match or enhance the image. If the basic colors of the photo are correct, color matching can enhance the way people perceive your photos, and that will help differentiate them from the herd.

Use the Whole Image Space

One of the primary lessons you need to understand when searching for ways to take your photography to the next level is to focus on how the photo is displayed rather than how it’s taken.

That means using the whole image space, which in turn means you need to ditch full bleed. Images that take up the full space generally create more engagement. It’s definitely worthwhile to experiment with this particular tactic.

Get Softer

This one goes against the grain of what passes for wisdom in the photography community, as most images focus on sharper images, more clarity, and better optics.

That’s a great approach for companies and applications where sharpness is the key to getting the right effect, but sometimes, softer images are more engaging.

You can do things like switch to manual focus and slow down your shutter speed to create the right look, which can pay off in some amazing ways.

Pick Up Extra Gear

Don’t underestimate what supplemental camera gear can do for your photography. The right stabilizers and the perfect lights will enhance your photos to ones that should be seen in a magazine. And though you may be newer to the photography game, investing in the right gear will take you a long way.

There you have it— a few ways to take your photography to the next level. Whether you’re a novice or have taken pictures for a few years, these are the things that will elevate your craft!

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