Volunteer Work That Looks Good on College Applications

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Volunteer Work That Looks Good on College Applications

High school is meant to prepare us for the next step in our academic careers and even introduce us to new things like giving back to the community. Many colleges look forward to reading about the fantastic things high school students do in their free time and what they devote their time to. For more ways to amp your college application, try out something on our list of volunteer work that looks good on college applications.

Animal Rescue

One of the most fun ways to give back and meet different furry friends is to volunteer at an animal rescue. For those interested in working with animals, this opportunity is the perfect way to learn how to care for each animal and even host adoption events.

From taking dogs out for walks to bathing kittens, an animal rescue volunteer experience is a fun way to learn about animals and help them find new homes. Additionally, you won’t be required to come in all the time, as hours are flexible, which is especially helpful around finals week.

Supporting the Troops

If you support the troops in other ways, then volunteering for a donation drive for veterans is something you’ll want to look into. Not only will you develop more empathy for those who serve overseas, but you will also learn how to be a leader and look for new ways to ask for donations.

Share Your Skills

Many inner-city children don’t have access to a lot of afterschool programs where they can work on homework or learn new skills. If you’re good at painting, have strong math skills, or enjoy reading, volunteering to share your skills can help shape someone into a more confident person.

Whether it’s teaching someone to paint a sunset or teaching multiplication to a small group of middle schoolers, giving back to school kids can shape you to become a better teacher. Not only do you have the chance to give back, but children have a better way of learning new skills every day after school.

Working on Voter Registration Drives

Voting is an essential task for many, especially young people. However, the process can be confusing, and many aren’t well-informed about each candidate.

Whether it’s a presidential or local government voting day, you can help by educating those who are new to the polls about the candidates before voting. Volunteering at the registration drive helps you learn time management and organizational skills.

Your time between now and the first day of college matters a lot. So, choose volunteer work that looks good on a college application and resonates with you and your values.

It’s okay to not list a lot of experience, but showing an interest in one area and learning college-ready skills can impress schools even more. Make sure the volunteer experience is something you enjoy and want to build a passion for later.

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