8 Different STEM College Majors You Should Consider

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8 Different STEM College Majors You Should Consider

Choosing a major is no easy task. In the STEM field, it can be particularly challenging to decide what path to take. These are eight different STEM college majors you should consider.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering combines the science of chemistry with the practice of engineering. If you are trying to decide between chemistry and engineering, chemical engineering could be a great life path for you. Chemical engineers make a great salary and can even help the world.

Computer Engineering

If you are more interested in how technology works, computer engineering is a great path to take when you head off to college. If you major in computer engineering, you can become a computer hardware engineer and create new forms of technology. Be the creator of the latest technology or update the old favorites in this exciting career path.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is one of the top STEM college majors you should consider. Since petroleum engineering is such a lucrative field, it has a lot of merit as a good choice of college major. Petroleum engineers help design equipment for the use of oil and gas. Therefore, it can be a worthwhile area of study for you.

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics can be fascinating fields of study. If you choose this path, you’ll also have a very decent salary for your work. If you love math and find it to be an interesting area of study, mathematics or statistics could be a great choice for your college major.

Computer Programming

Computer programming can be an excellent choice for a college major. A degree in computer programming means you can write code; therefore, your degree will be useful in a variety of fields. If you love computers and are interested in coding, consider receiving this degree.


There are few things more exciting than studying the science of life. Biology can be a great choice of a major, and you can do a lot with your degree once you graduate. Biology could be a great field to study if you enjoyed the class and you can see yourself loving working with this science.


Do you feel like you would love to study the stars? Astronomy could be a great choice for you when it comes to your studies. Astronomers get to study the heavens in detail. If you think studying the sky sounds like an exciting career path, astronomy could be a great field for you.


If you’re interested in studying the stones of the Earth, what makes them up, and how they age, geology could be a great path for you. You get to study the Earth and its rocks in this interesting field. Geologists even get to study the stones on other planets! If this all sounds fun and exciting, geology could be a great area of study for you.

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