Fun Activities for Students Interested in Engineering

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Fun Activities for Students Interested in Engineering

Engineering is the foundation for a lot of progress and evolution. It is applied to many industries. From something small like a lamp to something enormous like a roller coaster, engineering takes a part in all of it. These fun activities for students interested in engineering will help you discover if this path is for you.

3D Printing

Every fun activity comes with a thoughtful foundation. One of the newest and coolest activities is 3D printing because it allows you to create all kinds of items. From action figurines to houses, 3D printing is an industry that can do it all. It is an additive process where layers of material, usually plastic, build up to create something.

This technology requires a lot of engineering. Learn how to use the software. Learning the basics will develop your interest even more in this cool technology.

Flying Drones

When drones first came out, they came in only a few sizes, and they would only fly to a certain height and distance. With this technology evolving quickly, engineers now work on getting people from one city to another with these robots. Some of the coolest activities with drones are racing, fishing, and even filmmaking.

If you get the opportunity to fly a speed drone, you need to learn about the different types of racing drones to understand more about this technology and how engineering plays a huge role in the evolution and physics of these robots.

Riding a Roller Coaster

Who doesn’t love a roller coaster? These giant engineering monsters are the product of physics, speed, and tracks. Lots of calculations go into a smooth and safe ride. When the car reaches the highest point of the tracks, kinetic energy takes over.

If you want to become a roller coaster engineer, you need to make sure your calculations are correct. One little mistake could make the car stop midair or get stuck halfway. That is how important you would be as an engineer for something as amazing as a roller coaster.

Hot Air Balloon

The way a hot air balloon works is purely physics and engineering. You get to be creative with the process in this fun activity for students interested in engineering to understand why one shape flies better than the other and what are the details that affect the outcome. If your balloon doesn’t fly, develop a sense of curiosity about why every single detail matters.

The science behind this is simple, but it opens the door to many bigger tasks. Understanding the basics will allow you to part from there and create more complicated projects with the knowledge you acquired. Remember, engineering is a part of almost everything.

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