Ways To Save Some Space in Your College Apartment

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Ways To Save Some Space in Your College Apartment

Apartments are great spots when you are just starting to live independently and fresh out of the college dorms. You have some freedom away from the school, but your space is still minimal. Here are some great ways to make your college apartment feel bigger and save some space.

Furniture Storage

When you have a small amount of space in your home or apartment, you’ll need to learn quickly that you can only have so many things before you are drowning in stuff. To navigate this issue, you should invest in furniture that doubles as storage. For example, use coffee tables, footrests, or bedside tables with built-in storage space. This way, you can keep the stuff you want close by, making your place a lot cleaner and more organized.

Think About Vertical Space

Wherever you end up living, whether in an apartment, house, or dorm, remember that you have both horizontal and vertical space to work with. People know how to organize their space horizontally but fail to utilize their tall walls. A great thing you could do is install some floating shelves, as they are not only a source of visual intrigue but also provide you with a lot of storage. They can fit decorations and hold textbooks, school supplies, pantry items, or anything that needs a dedicated spot in your apartment.

Hidden Storage Containers

Storage containers are an easy storage solution everyone should have in their home, but sometimes it’s challenging to store the containers themselves. Thankfully, some storage containers are better suited for this purpose. You can put flatter containers underneath your bed filled with clothes you’re not wearing in the current season, and some can fit on shelves or under sinks. However, you might need to be a little more creative with finding a place for some other ones.

Hanging Hooks

Another great element of organization that you can bring into your apartment to free up a lot of space is a hanging hook. You can easily place these hooks on the back of doors or empty wall areas, and then you can hang up various things. Some are great for coats and bags, while others can hold other storage devices, like shoe organizers, spice holders, etc. Of course, you will need to find what works best for you, but your apartment will thank you if you find a way to employ these hooks.

These were the ways to save some space in your college apartment, and while they may seem like small changes, a small change makes big waves with a small apartment. A little bit of organization here and there in your home can drastically change how it feels, clearing up your physical and mental space.

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