4 Profitable & Easy Hobbies for Students

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4 Profitable & Easy Hobbies for Students

We all have hobbies and interests that we find fulfilling and enjoy when we have free time. As students, we try to find ways to stay afloat financially while juggling the duties of purchasing books, school supplies, food, and other financial responsibilities on a fixed budget.

What if we told you that you could make money from simple hobbies? Here’s a list of four profitable and easy hobbies for students who want to make extra cash through freelancing, starting a business, and being creative.


If you own a digital or film camera and take pictures as a hobby, you can turn your free time activity into a business. As a freelance photographer, you may not be able to shoot at significant local events, but you can spread the word about your business through social media and with your friends. Through social media, you should network with other local creatives and talk about creating collaborative projects.

Build an active social media following to help build your reputation as a photographer. It would help if you stuck to a niche audience or lifestyle to capture in your photos. College students tend to capture the youth, rage, and euphoric events. At these events, offer $5 polaroid prints or $2 “Kodak” moments! You will draw a larger customer base by offering to capture these candid shots.


Gardening is a hobby that enables you to relax, feel happier, and reap many health benefits! Having a green thumb is a true talent. If you love growing plants and want to make other people’s homes greener, you should sell plants! Since there’s a spike in the interest and popularity of indoor gardens, help someone kickstart their botanical garden. You can sell your plants through online marketplaces like Etsy to share your plants with a larger customer base!

DIY Crafting

Crafting has and always will be profitable. If you enjoy working with your hands and creating things like soap, bridal accessories, candles, jewelry, or home decor, you should get your hands in this multi-billion dollar industry.

By selling handmade items, you are telling the customer that the items are of a certain quality and care you can’t find in retail stores. If you start a customized t-shirt business, you should offer your potential customers high-quality shirts while creating unique designs that set your brand apart from others.

Cooking or Baking

Cooking or baking is an easy and profitable hobby for students during their free time. If you’re a college student, you know that your peers are always looking for a good but affordable meal that doesn’t come from fast food restaurants or the dining hall.

Show off your cooking skills by taking pictures and videos of your food to help spread the word. Start with easy recipes and meals to help kick off your business.

Being in college can be tricky when you have financial obligations with no extra income. Turn your hobbies into lucrative businesses by creating side hustles while doing something you enjoy.

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