Tips for Better Personal Document Management

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Tips for Better Personal Document Management

Your dream school just accepted you, and now you’re ready to get the ball rolling and submit the necessary documents to finish your enrollment. Whether you are a first-year or transfer student, it’s essential that you prepare your personal records to avoid missing anything before the start of the first semester. Here are tips for better personal document management.

Utilize Cloud Storage

Many universities prefer digital versions of your records to minimize paper filing. The best way to store your files and keep everything in an easy-to-access digital format is through the cloud. You can use secure cloud storage to hold onto personal records like your birth certificate, social security number, and pictures of your ID or driver’s license.

You may need to use an app to convert your record photos into the university’s requested file types. If the enrollment office requires you to digitally sign your documents, most PDF readers will work for this purpose.

Create a Folder System

A digital folder system is crucial for keeping everything organized, especially if you’re storing vulnerable documents. Your file system should consist of a main folder with attached navigable file folders that contain different vital records for school and other parts of your life. Make sure to double-check these folders to ensure you have the correct files in each.

Your main folder should have different subfolders for other files, such as a parent’s tax return for financial aid purposes. Keeping everything organized ensures that you can quickly file any paperwork that your enrollment or financial aid offices request throughout your academic career.

Organize, Archive, and Delete Files Often

You should always organize, archive, and delete files often. One reason is to avoid mistakenly naming an old file as a recent one, like giving last year’s tax letter the same file name as this year’s. Avoid combining unrelated files into one folder to avoid confusion. It helps to delete or archive newer or older copies of the same file.

If it helps, you can create a spreadsheet of the files you currently have and mark which ones you need to replace or update. The spreadsheet allows you to form a healthy habit of checking your files often.

Name Your Files

A naming convention can save so much stress and time, especially since you have so much to focus on in class. While creating the subfolders, ensure each file name describes the document in a searchable manner. Your document should include the following:

  • The type of document
  • An underscore to separate the information
  • A date and your first and last name

Make sure you know what personal documents to scan before starting registration for school. After you implement our tips for creating a better personal document management system, you can shift your focus to more exciting parts of this journey, like decorating your dorm or apartment and registering for courses!

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