Gifts To Give Your Bestie Before They Go Off to College

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Gifts To Give Your Bestie Before They Go Off to College

Remember, it’s not goodbye. It’s “see you later.” Going to different schools will suck for a bit, but now you and your best friend have more of an excuse to talk on the phone almost daily. College may seem like a long way out, but graduation is quickly approaching. Soon, it will be summer. Get ahead of the celebration and check out these gifts to give your bestie before they go off to college.

A Secret Jar

No one knows you the way your bestie does. The connection is real, and so are the secrets. Aside from seemingly being able to read each other’s minds, you also have many secrets between each other. Though, some of them may have gotten lost in translation.

Now’s your chance to sit down and think about every secret you have shared. Write the secrets they keep down on paper and then tear them off. Place the best ones inside a jar and give them to your bestie before they pull off. This gift is definitely a tearjerker, but it’s also a good reminder that their secrets are always safe with you and vice versa.

A Scrapbook

You two have been through a lot together—with many moments of laughter, tears, arguments, and more laughter. Instead of writing everything out, remember, a picture says a thousand words. A photo album might not be enough room to capture everything.

A scrapbook might be more your speed. Choose the correct materials because there’s a difference between cardstock and scrapbook paper. Find and place pictures from some of the best moments of your past together. And, since you have a whole summer together, use that time to document the present.

Finally, leave some room in the final pages for all the future moments you’ll spend together. You can even prepare those pages for whatever holidays and birthdays you know will be epic.

A Customized Drink Container

Does your bestie need their morning or afternoon coffee? If you know they need a good elixir to help them start the day, give them the best practical gift. Consider gifting them a mug that matches yours. One image could represent you, and the other, your bestie. No matter how far apart you are, the connection is still there.

Or, if you decide to get them a thermos, have it customized with a picture of you two. Or, if you think it might make them laugh, print only your picture on it so they never forget you’re their number one.

A Compass Necklace

A compass necklace is one of those gifts your bestie can wear and keep close to their hearts. While it might not be a functioning compass, it has the same sentimental value.

You can customize the compass to point to whichever direction your college is and have your initials carved there instead of the cardinal directions and vice versa. You’ll get the necklace with their initials, and they’ll get the necklace with your initials.

Give your bestie one of these gifts before they leave for college to help preserve and strengthen your friendship.

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