Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Model Bridge

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building a Model Bridge

Working on a model bridge covers a few different school subjects. If you ever want to cram several lessons into one project, building a model bridge is the way to go. However, you can’t just dive into the exercise. Like all model building, you must first prepare. Start by asking yourself a few questions before building a model bridge.

What Are My Design Options?

The great thing about model bridges is there’s more than one design. Students and hobbyists alike don’t need to stick with one style—the possibilities are endless! You might have the opportunity to come up with a new model!

Look at a quick guide to the different types of bridges, and choose the model that intrigues you the most. Some bridges are more complex than others. It might be easier to start simple and work your way up. You’ll gain the skills you need to tackle the really fascinating designs next time.

What Supplies Do I Need?

Once you decide on a design, figure out the supplies you’ll need. A common mistake with bridge building is assuming you only need glue and popsicle sticks. That’s not totally inaccurate, but there’s more to bridge-building than that.

Some designs will require you to print out the model first. Others will require you to solve calculations before building. Thoroughly investigate your model’s requirements. There might even be a special kit for that design! Gather all supplies and organize them based on the sequence of steps you need to follow.

What’s the Bridge’s Function?

We all know bridges are usually accompanied by a body of water below or a railroad on top. Here’s where you decide the function of your bridge. Do you want to use it as a source of transportation? If that’s the case, you need to determine how much weight it can hold.

Trial and error will happen during this process. First-timers make the mistake of overusing glue and adhesive to hold the pieces together and make the bridge “indestructible.” Unfortunately, all this does is weaken the model and the wood. After deciding the bridge’s function, you’ll learn the tricks to make sure it operates properly.

What Problems Might I Face?

Asking yourself what problems you may encounter is paramount. Model bridge building is all about critical thinking and preventative measures. Recognize an obstacle before it has a chance to occur. You’ll save yourself a lot of re-dos and collapses.

Some issues could be a matter of miscalculations, so catching those early is a must. Deconstructing your model is difficult; nine times out of ten, you’ll need to start over completely, as the adhesives might be too powerful to take apart. Part of constructing model bridges means doing some critical thinking and staying a few steps ahead of mishaps.

Take some time to think your model bridge building project all the way through. Try to understand any questions you’re curious about for more promising results.

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