What To Drink at a Party if You’re Avoiding Alcohol

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What To Drink at a Party if You’re Avoiding Alcohol

Even though college is about going to classes, getting good grades, and planning for your future, we’d be lying if we said that it’s not also about having fun and enjoying yourself. However, the definition of “having a good time” for many college students is most likely partying and drinking. That said, alcohol isn’t a great source of fun for many.

However, going to fun parties with friends and not drinking is still possible. Our list of what to drink at a party if you’re avoiding alcohol is for you if this is something you’d like to do. We’re sure you’ll find one or two options that’ll work well for your needs.


Let’s start with a basic choice: water. Nothing beats a glass of water to help keep you hydrated while living it up at a party. Plus, it’s always accessible—all you need is a sink and a cup.

However, the trouble with water is that it’s obvious to other partygoers that you’re not drinking. While many won’t care, some might try to hassle you about it. Just say you’re the DD for your friends tonight or that you’re six months sober if anyone gives you any trouble. These excuses will get most people off your back, and they’ll likely respect your decision not to drink.

Pop or Juice

Even though water will always be the most accessible option, any good party will also have plenty of access to pop or juice since people need their mixers. With all the mixer options available, you’ll likely find a drink you like and can stick with that for the night. Plus, no one will be able to tell that there’s no alcohol in it unless they take a sip of your drink.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The downside to water, pop, and juice is that all these options are drinks you can drink anywhere else. Some of the fun of parties is trying new drinks. Fortunately, plenty of non-alcoholic options are out there.

Non-alcoholic beers and ciders are classic choices you can bring to the party, and nobody will know the difference. Mocktails will be the perfect option for you if you’re more of a mixed-drink person. Plus, they allow you to experiment with different flavors to come up with something new and exciting. On top of that, some mocktails are good for you. For example, some mocktails help with urinary tract health if you’re avoiding alcohol due to urinary troubles. The list of options you have here is nearly endless!

Focus on Food Instead

That’s enough about what to drink at a party if you’re avoiding alcohol. Let’s quickly investigate one final option. Focus on food instead if you don’t want to drink anything. People will be much less likely to put a drink in your hand if you’re chowing down on some snacks. Of course, you don’t want to eat all night long, but food serves as a good replacement if you’re tired of drinking one of the options we mentioned previously.

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