5 Industries for Engineering Majors To Work In

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5 Industries for Engineering Majors To Work In

Engineering is a rapidly growing career path for those specializing in mathematics and other STEM fields. The job outlook is incredibly hopeful, and the starting salary for new graduates is well above average. You can work in various industries as an engineer, so the demand for this major is high. Be sure to zero in on these five industries for engineering majors to work in, whether you’re a prospective engineering student or are an upperclassman starting your job search.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry encompasses a wide range of companies and engineering specialties. Engineers can create and transform materials, producing items for businesses to use or sell. Many employers highly prioritize filling these positions within manufacturing plants and factories, as these individuals are creative problem solvers with tangible skills. The following majors or specialties are best suited for this industry:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Research and Development

The research and development field requires a plethora of engineers to support the studies they produce. These roles typically include lab work, equipment design, and collaboration with other teams in a lab or science-based company. You will often notice these individuals graduated with a chemical or mechanical engineering degree.


Working for the government has many perks, such as high salaries and substantial benefits packages. Government departments, including state, local, and federal agencies, need a range of engineers to fill their needs. Environmental and civil engineers are especially important in this field as we attempt to shift toward sustainable practices, such as water conservation and energy efficiency.

Construction Industry

Civil engineers design, manage, and schedule various building projects, from public roads to private airports, ensuring proper completion. These engineers will also be responsible for the safety and well-being of their fellow workers on the job site. Construction positions are readily available for all civil engineering graduates due to several building and urban development plans in the works nationwide. While searching for jobs, try to home in on up-and-coming neighborhoods and city planning departments, as these will have the most opportunities within the civil engineering field.

Oil and Gas Industry

As the oil and gas industry faces a push for eco-friendly processes and innovative ideas, they require creative engineers. Designing more conscious oil and gas tools that support the Earth is essential for this industry’s next phase. That said, civil and mechanical engineers will be in high demand. Search within the oil and gas industry when job hunting, as you can make positive changes from within!

Consider targeting positions within these five industries for engineering majors to work in during your job search. These companies value your expertise and innovative, STEM-focused mind. Feeling hesitant about pursuing an engineering degree in college? You can rest assured that this field has a high job outlook, generous salary, and great benefits, and is a necessity across hundreds of industries. So, take the leap if you’ve been enjoying your STEM classes and want to apply all that you’ve learned to real-world problems!

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