4 Great Ways To Promote Your School Event

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4 Great Ways To Promote Your School Event

If your team, club, or school in general has a big fundraiser or celebration coming up, make sure everyone in the community knows about it. When marketing a local event, there are several easy ways to get the word out.

Consider this a lesson in Marketing 101. Here are four great ways to promote your school event

Get Social

You’ve probably already thought of this, but think of it again. Nowadays, if you’re not online, nobody will be able to find you. While you can use your personal social media profiles to promote the event, be sure to branch out. Contact the school administration and see if you can place an announcement on the school website, the school newsletter, or the school’s social media platforms. People are already looking at these for information about school events, so take advantage of this instant audience!

Print Isn’t Dead

Everything seems to be online these days. We’ve covered what you need to do on social media and elsewhere, but don’t forget the need for printed material. Schools can benefit from large-format printing, as it allows you to create big banners and posters to post inside and outside the school (with permission, of course).

Create flyers and hand them out wherever people congregate, including stores, churches, parks, and so forth. Watch out for people who might toss them, though. Conduct a pickup after an afternoon of passing them out.

Straight to Video

People like videos more than they like static ads. Come up with a fun and exciting video promoting the event that people can share. Include all the necessary facts and information needed to attend and up the entertainment factor.

Support the message with weekly updates and leave people looking forward to the next video. Going viral is nice, but mostly worry about getting local eyes and ears on your message. Appeal to locals with familiar scenery and people, and get the administration and teachers involved.

The Media and Merchants

The fourth of our four great ways to promote your school event is to get the attention of local merchants and media folks. Contact the local newspapers and magazines and ask for coverage of the event.

They may send a reporter or have someone contact you for a phone or teleconference interview. Local merchants can help by letting you promote the event in their stores or even donating food, drink, and supplies in exchange for a plug. Ask around. You might be surprised by how many people are ready to help!

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