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You can use the equity value in your home to finance college education. Use a home equity credit line to pay college expenses as they occur. The flexibility of the credit line allows you to control expenses and budget repayments.

The amount you can borrow is subject to the equity value of your home. The best interest rates are available for equity credit lines at 80%LTV or lower.

Loan Amounts: subject to the LTV value of your home
Payments Begin: 25-30 days after a line disbursement
Interest Rates: variable and subject to your LTV position
No Restrictions: can use funds for any expense
| or dial: 1-877-777-1370



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  1. loan summary review and benefits

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Loan Summary Review and Benefits


They grow up fast.
Only yesterday, it seems, they were learning to read. Now they will be packing the car for college. It's an exciting time for them. But for you, it's all about cost?

·  tuition and fees
·  books and lab fees
·  monthly housing and food
·  recreation
·  transportation
·  trip home for the holidays

We have a solution.
Use the equity in your home to pay college expenses as they occur. And while you're at it:

·  fix up the room that is now empty
·  consolidate some bills
·  finance the car your child will use
·  you decide: ________________


why the equity line

Using your home equity as a "College Educator" lets you finance college expenses as they occur.

Instead of borrowing the full amount for college, simply use your "home equity line of credit" to advance the funds as you need.

You will pay interest only on the amount you borrow, which interest cost may be deducted from your taxes if you qualify. You won't find similar benefits with other college funding products. Consult your tax advisor to see if you qualify.

You can use the line whenever you need. It's like becoming your own banker. Simply advance money to pay for college expenses ... when you need ... as you need.



  • Get a Line of Credit:
    open a line of credit up to your approved LTV level — calculate how much you can borrow
  • Anytime Access:
    access your account as you need . . . when you need
  • Payment Flexibility:
    pay minimum monthly payments or any additional amount when you have extra cash
  • Re-use the Line as Needed:
    pay down the account to zero with no prepayment charges and reuse the line over again up to your approved available balance
  • Tax Benefits:
    deduct interest charges from your taxes if you qualify
  • Competitive Rates:
    get competitive adjustable rates as low as the PRIME RATE
  • Benefits Can Vary:
    benefits may vary by lending institution


money saving tip

Help your student budget spending to avoid excessive debt before graduating from college — see how pre-paid cards can manage student spending

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