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understanding financial aid process

aid information

Understand how the financial aid process works with these 6 quick steps:


Become Eligible
view what's needed to qualify for student financial aid. Understand college costs, dependency status and expected family contribution (EFC).
Submit the FAFSA Form
students (and parents) must submit the FAFSA to start the aid process. The FAFSA is used by colleges and agencies to determine eligible aid amounts.
Process the SAR
the Student Aid Report (SAR) summarizes your FAFSA information and calculates EFC. Review it carefully for changes and corrections.
Analyze the Award Letter
colleges will use the SAR to determine your eligible financial aid awards. Compare your award letters among colleges to determine best aid package.
View Available Aid Options
financial aid options include grants, scholarships, work-study, loans, state aid, community service, and other federal and private aid. View options.
Apply for College Aid
apply for scholarships, federal and private financial aid. Learn how to best budget and manage student funds to avoid getting into excessive debt.
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