Three University Staff Members You Should Know Well

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Venturing out and going to college is a marked time of freedom and responsibility. It is a time to start figuring life out on your own and to stop relying so much on parents. However, just because your parents are not as big as they once were in the picture, does not mean that other adults should not play a big role in the life of a college student. Getting to know and staying in close contact with certain faculty members at your college can be very important for various reasons, which can be academic, health related, and financial. There are at least three university staff members you should know well in order to succeed in your college education and beyond.

The Dean of Your Particular Area of Study

Whatever your major may be, you will want to get to know the Dean that oversees your area of study. You may have several visits with this Dean throughout the course of the school year in order to make sure you are taking the required classes and making the grades you need to in order to be on track with the requirements of your major. If you do not set up these meetings, you may be missing out on classes or prerequisites you need in order to be able to advance in your own major. This can leave you falling behind and in the long run can lead to more time at school in order to graduate, as well as more money spent on your college education. Stay on track and save money by getting to know your Dean. You can also give suggestions for your program of study to the Dean. Another benefit of getting to know your particular Dean is that he or she can have connections outside of the school to help you get a job once you graduate.

Accounting and Financial Aid Staff

Unless your college education is already 100% paid and you have no financial worries or arrangements with your school, you will want to be on a first name basis with at least one person from the accounting and financial aid departments. Making sure that your tuition is paid for on time and that you are appropriately receiving the financial aid you have applied for is one key to staying in school. If you are behind on payments or experiencing financial difficulties, knowing whom to talk to and having a good rapport with them can be very beneficial and will make payment arrangements less stressful to talk about.

Student Health Department Staff

It is very important to know a few members of the student health department staff. When you need it, receiving healthcare and treatment on campus can be very convenient and inexpensive; from vaccinations and yearly exams to sick visits. Just as you would want your own doctor or dentist to know your health history and be familiar with you, you want the same from a few members of the student health department staff at your college. Your own health is an important area to take responsibility for when you are in college. Knowing staff in this department will help you feel more comfortable discussing your own health issues and needs. You will not go far in college if you do not take care of your health first and foremost.

In college, as in the real world, it can sometimes be all about whom you know. Knowing and staying in touch with the aforementioned staff members will help you be more successful in your college education and beyond. When you have questions or problems that arise, you will know who to take them to and who is on your side to help you.

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