Dorm Safety for College Students

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Sending off your child to college is an exciting period for both parents and pupils alike. Unfortunately, it can be a bit worrying also. This is due to the fact that most parents tend to worry about the new responsibilities and challenges facing their children ahead. Among these challenges include safety while they are away from home at school.

Whether you are the pupil or the parent, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the college’s orientation on security, rules and regulations. A point of importance is to focus on your entire attention on the prevention of any dorm hazards considering that this is an enclosed space.

In regards to safety while in the dorm, there are a couple of useful pointers and tips which you will certainly need to keep in mind so as to guarantee the safety of your fellow dorm mates and ultimately yourself also.

Proper Wiring

Seeing that the dorm houses students, most are likely to be in possession of electric gadgets such as cell phones, radios, laptops, and so forth. This will definitely lead to the rise in risks pertaining electricity. This is where having great electric wiring comes into play. Also, ensure that all unused sockets are properly sealed off so as to avoid either electrocution or shorting.


With the constant risk of accidents such as fires happening while the students are indoors sleeping, more and more dorm doors have found it necessary to install locks which can be easily opened from the inside should anything happen. This is critical as in the past; some of these doors were closed from the outside and could only be opened also from the out.

Follow the Rules and Regulations

Whether you are living on or off campus, it is always wise to obey and follow the laid out rules and regulations to the letter. As much as it may seem oppressing and inconvenient, these rules were placed there for a certain reason, in this case, they may as well safeguard your overall safety. Be smart and do the right thing.


As much as your safety is critical, that of your valuables is also of equal importance. When you live in an environment where you are mixed with different characters, the probability of having burglars is too real. At this point, investing in a couple of personal safes is a welcomed thought. These safes come with secret combination codes, which guarantee that your valuables will always be safe.


On this note, when it comes to ensuring the desired level of both security and safety in the dorm area you may wish to invest in a suitable kind of alarm system. In truth there is an array of different effective kinds of alarm systems, which you can opt to choose from for the various needs.

You can install a fire alarm and a burglar alarm within the same block. A door stop alarm, sensor guard wireless motion sensor, entrance alert, window alert and even motion sensor alarms may increase your overall safety levels.

At this juncture, you may be thinking that some of these products may cost you a limb or two, but that is far from reality. In fact, in most institutions, these items are readily available for your personal use, or can be purchased at a reduced rate second hand or through the Internet.

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