Divide and Conquer: Simple Steps to Transform Your Dorm Room from Bland to Brilliant

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Your Old Room and Your New Room

If you were lucky enough to have your own room growing up, you probably had it set up to suit your personal preferences. You had your favorite posters and the walls were painted in your favorite color. While you may be able to take at least some of the posters with you when you make the move to a college dorm, chances are you won’t be able to repaint the walls. You might not be able to swap out much or any of the furniture, either.

Nonetheless, these limitations don’t mean that you can’t do anything to make your dorm room seem more like home. With a little ingenuity and planning, you can transform your drab dorm room into a space that you will love.

Sleeping Space

As you shop for college bedding sets, bear in mind that many college dorm beds are twin size beds rather than double or queen sized beds. The beds may be extra long as well. Measure your bed before you make your purchases to ensure that your linens will fit. To avoid a cluttered look that can make it difficult to get to sleep, place the bed where you want it, and then determine whether you need organizers for accessories or if you want a few throw pillows to make the bed look more comfy.  If you have an old blanket or comforter that you love, use it, even if it doesn’t match anything else.

Work Space

More than likely, you will have a laptop, which means that you can work pretty much anywhere. However, you will still want to set up your desk as a separate work space. Once you have placed your desk where you want it, determine whether you will need book cases or a desk light.  You may also want to hang a favorite picture over your desk to give your eyes a break from staring at books or your computer screen.

Kitchen Space

Of course, you won’t have a full-on kitchen like your parents have, but you will probably want a dorm room refrigerator. Nearly all schools permit dorm room refrigerators and some schools even provide them. Many dorms also allow students to have microwave ovens and hot pots, but check first before you invest in one. Arrange your “kitchen” in a separate area to make preparing those quick meals more efficient.

Personal Grooming Space

Two words: communal showers. Unless you live in a dorm room that arranges students in suites around common areas that include semi-private bathrooms, you will have to make that daily trudge down the hall to the shower. To ensure that you don’t forget something essential, assemble a “shower bucket” with soap, shampoo and other must-haves. Place a sticker-type hook near your shower bucket to hang your robe, and leave floor space for your shower shoes. If you can arrange to have a mirror and a small vanity table in the same area for hairstyling and skin care, you’re golden.

Life With Roommates

If you share your room with one or more roommates, you will have less flexibility in the arrangement of your room. Nonetheless, you should still try to carve out some personal space within the room. Even if you love your roommate and you get along well, you will still need private time periodically to stay sane.

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