5 Ways To Feel At Home While At College

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Heading to college is one of the most exciting and challenging experience for young adults. When you arrive, your dorm room is a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch. Turning your dorm room into your own oasis can help ward away homesickness. Here are five ways to make your dorm room feel like home.

Make your bed your own

Every night you will come back to your dorm room and sleep in your bed. Those standard college mattresses can really put a damper on things. Splurge a little and buy a foam topper, comfort is key. Even bring your own comforter or pillow. Who cares if it looks a little worn, it’s free and smells like home!

Put a rug underfoot

Adding a rug to your room can really spice up the look of your living space. A rug makes an extra seating area while making your room seem cozier. Feeling a rug under your toes can make waking up in the morning a little easier too.

Create an inspiration wall

Pick a space on your wall and dedicate it to things that make you smile. Put up inspirational photos and quotes. You can use vinyl wall decals to hang up your favorite quotes or just print them in your favorite font and frame them. Add pictures of your family and friends from back home. Take photos throughout the year and keep mementos that you can place up there as well.

Get a full-length mirror

Rarely will you find full-length mirrors in dorm rooms. The obvious place for a full-length mirror is the back of a door. If you have the room for a full-length standing mirror, then use it! The mirror will not only open up the space but it will add a little décor. If you don’t already have a mirror in your room for getting dressed and ready, try mounting one on your wall.

Light up your space

Fluorescent bulbs can make any room feel bleak. Try and bring different lighting. Lantern lights are a great option and come in different shapes. colors and sizes. Desk lamps are a staple if you are a late night studier. If you buy one with a dimmer switch you can prevent future arguments with a very tired roommate.

Everything that goes in your dorm room should be temporary. Check with your RA before you do anything drastic. They will know what can and can’t be done. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out you’re allowed to paint or even take up some higher real estate with a loft bed.

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