Top Ten Law Schools in the World

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Going to one of the best colleges in the world is always advantageous. Lawyers can obtain their degree from any law school, but great lawyers usually come from elite schools. Here is a list of the top ten law schools in the world.

1. Harvard University

Located in Boston, Harvard is the most famous university in the world. With an extremely low acceptance rate, a rigorous law program, and great job placement statistics, Harvard is the ultimate school for aspiring lawyers.

2. University of Cambridge

One of the oldest universities in the world, and the largest in the UK, Cambridge maintains the highest standards of education, research, infrastructure and job placement. Law programs are shorter in the UK as compared to the United States, which gives Cambridge an advantage in attracting the best students.

3. Oxford University

The rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge has never dimmed, with students only allowed to apply to one of these prestigious law schools. Oxford’s facilities are not as impressive as those at Cambridge, but their curriculum is very highly rated.

4. Yale University

Yale’s quality as a law school stems from its prestige around the world. It may not be a top three law program anymore, but lawyers who graduated from Yale can join the best law firms in the world.

5. University of Melbourne

Tuition fees for a year at the University of Melbourne are far lower than law schools in England or the United States. However, attending college in Australia will limit your job prospects to Australasian and South East Asian countries.

6. NYU

While its academic program does not match up to Harvard or Yale, NYU has a great reputation. Located at the heart of the best city in the world, NYU has a better faculty to student ratio than Harvard or Yale, along with a higher acceptance rate.

7. LSE

Known for its economics courses, the London School of Economics also boasts a great law program. It is not on the same level as Oxford or Cambridge, but being in the heart of London gives it a location advantage. The quality of education at LSE is not as great as the top five schools, but their reputation in the world means law graduates will get great job offers.

8. Stanford University

Stanford is still viewed as a new comer by the Ivy League elite, but their faculty, facilities and job placement statistics can rival any law school in the world.

9. University of Sydney

Unlike other law schools, the University of Sydney focuses on a research-based curriculum. Professors in Sydney believe that a more hands on education promotes better learning among their students.

10. Kanpur University

While Kanpur University law school in India does not match the above nine schools for prestige and quality, it offers a great LLB program for Indians who wish to become qualified lawyers. Students from Kanpur University go on to some of the best legal jobs in India.

Students who graduate from the top ten schools in the world have huge advantages when it comes to finding jobs and starting their career. Employers are instantly impressed when they discover that an applicant has graduated from a top ten law school.

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Lizzie was inspired to write this article from Kanpur University law school in India.

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