The Innovation Boom: 5 Careers to Pursue in Technology

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The ideal technology job not only creates the devices that make the modern word possible but also boast high demand and good pay. Check out these examples, using the latest information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Unless otherwise noted, entry-level positions require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Software Developer

Devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to cash machines and car computers work because of the software that powers them. Software developers examine the needs of users and then create and test the software to meet those needs.

Systems software developers focus on the operating systems that allow device to run. They can look forward to job increases of 20.4 percent with average annual wages of $104,480. Applications developers work on word processors, spreadsheets, games, and other programs that help users perform tasks. Their employment is expected to increase by 22.8 percent with mean pay of $96,260 per year.

Web Developer

Even with the popularity of instant messaging, texting, and cell phone calling, companies and individuals still like to communicate their products, services, and ideas through web pages. Web developers create an Internet site by handling its performance and interface but also its look and sometimes, it’s content. An associate degree is the minimum educational requirement for the field. Web developers average $67,540 per year with employment that is projected to grow by 20.1 percent.

Database Administrators

The world of technology thrives on information. Database administrators manage the disparate bits of data so they come together into a comprehensible whole. They organize and backup information, create data relationships, and protect databases from unauthorized access. Their positions are predicted to increase by 15 percent. They average an annual $80,740.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts secure company networks and computer systems from hackers and viruses. They develop security standards, install and maintain protective software, and often test systems for potential attacks. They make a mean $91,210 a year. Their employment is projected to grow by 36.5 percent.

Many of these professionals obtain their degrees in college. However, information assurance degrees online are also available, which allows learning from any location, and provides an understanding of network security, computer forensics, and data protection. The degree also leads to careers as chief security officers, security managers, and other security professionals.

IT Manager

Technology professionals need someone to reign in their efforts, which is the job of IT managers. They coordinate workers, materials resources, and budgets so that projects are completed on time. Many managers start as technical professionals and develop their management skills over several years. They average $132,750 annually. Their jobs are predicted to increase by 15 percent.

You can’t go wrong if you are trying to pursue any of the technological careers. All these jobs have higher salaries than average, which is $46,440 yearly, and have better than average job projections, which is 11 percent. This makes for a great start especially if you are just graduating from college. Be sure to choose wisely and what will be best for you in both the long and short run as these figures make these five technology careers worth pursuing.

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