Versatile Decorating Tips for a Cramped Bedroom

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If you have a small bedroom you know how easy it is to fill it to bursting, until there is only enough room to roll off of the bed and out the door. Fortunately with the right tips you don’t have to lose all sense of style and function to keep things organized. With some creativity and planning you can enjoy the minimal space you have to the maximum.

Reevaluate Your Possessions

First thing’s first, do you really need three dozen seashells from your last beach vacation covering the top of your dresser? When you have a small space you need to be picky and ruthless, especially when it comes to displaying collections. Pick out a small number of pieces that mean the most to you, and store the others away or relocate them to another part of the house. Any other items that do not bring you as much joy, or are not used on a regular basis should be immediately removed to free up space. That piece of luggage that sits in the corner and only gets used once a year? Move it to the garage or attic. A space free from clutter will help free your design options and ideas.

Do Double Duty

Once the excess has been removed, it’s imperative to make the best use out of the space you do have for what’s left. Pieces that do more than one job are ideal. A bed that has drawers underneath is an example. Even if it doesn’t have drawers, a raised bed can house shoes, out of season clothing, or other essential items you want close by, but don’t need all the time. Under the bed storage totes will keep things organized and clean.

An over the door shoe or hat rack can be used for scarves, bags, toiletries, and many other accessories. Screens framed and hung on the wall can hold your earrings and make an interesting visual without taking up any surface area on a table or dresser.

Keep It Simple

A room that is dark, or overwhelmed in large patterns will seem even smaller. Keep it simple by having your color scheme be light and fresh. For example, you would want your queen comforter sets and curtains to complement your space by keeping the patterns on them small or go for light solid colors. Places like King Linen sell reversible comforters that can be used a few different ways for a room that’s never dull. Decorate with mirrors to keep the space looking big, and use shelves and hooks as part of the décor and space savers.

No matter the size of your space, you can make it a beautiful retreat with some thought and effort. Use these tips to help you find a perfect balance of function and creativity.  

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