Six Tips for Success When Going to School As a Working Student

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Nowadays, many students are working their way through college. Though there are many scholarships and grants meant to help students afford college, these options often do not cover the full cost of tuition, especially because college costs have risen substantially in the last two or three decades. Luckily, there are some great tips that can help working students also be successful academically.

Seek Employment Willing to Work With You

While not always possible, it is very helpful if college students can find an employer who understands and is sympathetic to the demands of college. Many employers want their employees to be successful at college and will work hard to help their student workers have a schedule conducive to meet this goal. Mention being a college student and ask about flexibility at your interview or schedule a meeting with your boss to ask about what options there are.

Flexible Classes

Another great option is to go to school at a college, whether online or on campus, that offers flexible scheduling. This can ensure that other priorities still get accomplished without having to sacrifice a college education. For example, adult students should consider NKU PACE, which offers accelerated classes and personalized degree plans.

Make a Schedule

It’s important to make a schedule and stick to it. When doing group projects, you need to be assertive and honest about when you can meet so you don’t sacrifice additional class or work time. Set aside certain days or time that is dedicated to uninterrupted studying as well.

Use Small Moments

It is incredibly important to use all the time one has rather than waiting for large chunks of time in order to accomplish things. Five minutes before the beginning of class will be enough time to make quick edits to a paper. Those five minutes will be minutes you can spend doing something else during your large chunks of time. Identify what tasks can be done quickly and always have a list for when those small moments during the day arise since they aren’t scheduled in.

Keep Yourself Healthy

A busy schedule may mean it feels necessary to push yourself harder than your body knows is wise. So listen to your body. Exhaustion is a sign a person needs to sleep, and the symptoms of a cold need to be treated so you can be at your best and brightest both at school and at work. Treating and taking care of small health issues can prevent them from becoming big problems.

While going to school while working can be challenge, it is often very rewarding in the end. These tips will help ensure success both in the office and in the classroom.

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