Study USA: College Success Tips for International Students

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Studying abroad is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Besides all the paperwork and formal steps you need to take to prepare for your journey, you must also consider the other aspects of going to college in the U.S. Apply the following tips to your college life in the U.S. and improve your success as an international student:

Prepare For a New Home

You may be excited to move to another country, and you may have many high expectations about your study abroad adventure. But the reality is that your experience most likely won’t be all positive. Although the benefits of studying abroad are abundant, you must also prepare yourself for any possible cons you’ll face.  Moving to another country is a major life change. Not only are you entering into another culture, but you also have to learn about it and adapt to it. This experience may make you feel homesick, and that can affect your mental and emotional health, which will impact your studies.

Ask other international students about their experience in America, and find out what cultural obstacles they had to overcome. Prepare a list of cultural differences that you may face, and determine the best solution to combat the struggles you’ll encounter. An important tip is to stay open-minded and learn to adapt to the new culture. You will be learning much more than what textbooks will teach you.

Sharpen Your English Skills

Don’t wait until you’re in the U.S. to improve your language skills. You’ll have an easier time adapting to American culture and communicating with others in college if you’re well-prepared in the language area. One effective way to hone your English is to work with a native English-speaking tutor. You should also note any weaknesses and strengthen them while you’re improving your English.

If you plan to work while in school, your ability to communicate in English will be put to the test. You may even need to seek some translation help when applying for jobs. According to Los Angeles immigration attorney Joshua Goldstein, getting a native English speaker to proofread your resume can help you create an error-free resume which will improve your chances of being hired. In the meanwhile, brush up on your English—while it’s a tough language to master, it’s important for any student to be able to communicate with their peers and professors.

Explore Extracurriculars

Get involved with your school and peers by joining extracurricular activities. From sports to clubs, colleges have many student activities to help you make the most out of your college life. For international students, participating in extracurricular activities can help you make lifelong friends. You also get a better understanding of how American students interact with each other. The more you know about the American culture and college life, the better you’ll adapt to your new home.

Going to college in another country is a life-changing event. Prepare yourself by setting your mindset for success. No matter what obstacles you may face, there will be ways to overcome it and succeed as an international college student.

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