No Time for a Bachelor’s? The Best Associate Degrees for Your Career

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Is a bachelor’s degree really worth all its hyped up to be? There’s at least four years of coursework, and half of it has nothing to do with your major. Each term costs a fortune, and that’s before you even buy any of the books, not to mention the struggle of fitting classes in with the demands of everyday life.

Surely there’s a better way to prepare for a career that provides job security and substantial income. There are a number of two-year degree programs able to pave the way to steady careers that pay as well as those requiring a bachelor’s, but without the cost and time of going to a four year college.

Dental Hygienist

Job opportunities for dental hygienists, who assist dentists by cleaning teeth and examining patients for signs of gum or tooth disease, are growing fast. Dental hygienists begin their careers after just two years of training. Their average income, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is over $70,000 per year.

Paralegals and Legal Assistant

A person who earns an AAS paralegal degree is trained to work in a law office. Paralegals typically draft legal documents and carry on legal research. Their training involves studies in the legal system, criminal justice, and other topics of law, as well as the development of critical thinking and writing skills. If becoming a paralegal only wets your appetite for law, according to ASA College, getting an AAS in Paralegal Studies can even prepare you to continue your education should you choose.

Web Developer

If you love working with computers but don’t fancy the expense and time of the typical BS in computer science, then consider getting the two-year AA degree in Web Development. A web developer creates websites and apps for businesses and organizations seeking a home-base on the internet. This field, not surprisingly, is growing at an astonishing rate, as more and more entrepreneurs realize the economic potential of the internet. If working from home is your thing, you can even use your skills to start a freelance business developing and improving websites for clients of your own choosing.

These are just a few of the careers open to the person with an associate degree. Earning the two-year degree takes less time, substantially less money, and much less frustration than the typical university path of the bachelor’s. Best of all, it will get you started in a well-paid career much more quickly.

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