Straight Outta College: Tips on Getting That Job You’ve Always Wanted

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Although an entry-level job is often the path taken by fresh college graduates, it’s possible to jumpstart your dream career and get a job position that actually matters for the long run. It’ll be more difficult to acquire these prized job titles and positions, but the sweat and tears poured into the job-hunting process can quickly pay for itself later on. Here are five ideas on how to land that dream job after college.

Sign Up For Internships

Some internship programs don’t pay a salary, but the experience instilled can be invaluable later on. It’s also not uncommon for internship programs to lead to a full-time job offer afterward. That is why when you go looking for an internship you should make sure that it is one that you might want to end up working with for the next few years or so. To help with that, you should draw up a list of all of the companies that you would love to work for that are in your industry. Research them as well to see if they can provide the experience to learn and grow in your field that you may be looking for. Then, contact and apply to all of them. Some internships can be very competitive, and so make sure that you apply to many.

Have a Personal Website

The web can serve as this massive bulletin board where you can search for jobs and, at the same time, market yourself to potential employers. Having a website is like buying your own private space on that massive bulletin board so that yours is more visible to employers. It can also showcases your talents and creativity in one centralized platform. It can be a great place to post your resume and maintain your blog. Like Tracy Rawle does, it can also be a great way to show off your work profile. Some people avoid this option, because they think that it’s too expensive. Yet, it only costs $10 to $20 per month, depending on which platform you’re using.

Build Your Network

Every successful entrepreneur owes a part of their success to connections that they have in the field. Take every opportunity you can to meet new people, collect business cards, and follow up. Even before you graduate, you should have connections in the form of classmates and professors. Networking outside of your industry or interests is also advantageous since you get to build this holistic perspective of the world around you.

Set Up Your Online Profile

Your online profiles, including LinkedIn and Facebook, serve as your business card. They are the first point of contact between you and headhunters of companies who may be looking to hire you. What would it say about your credibility and professionalism if your account profile had missing information or words of profanity and discrimination? Make sure you set up a profile worthy of getting hired. Try to keep from posting angry rants or pictures that can give you a negative image.

Do Side Projects

For the sake of your resume, you want to seem active in your industry. You can do this by picking up freelance projects or creating some of your own. If you’re a programmer, you can do this by investing time and effort in creating mobile apps or websites or helping other people in forums and message boards. These side projects indicate your passion and level of interest for the craft.

Getting your dream job right after college is a frightening experience. But such times are exactly when you should be taking risk. Use the five tips above to guide you on how to compete with more experienced and qualified candidates.

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