Student Tips: 5 Different Ways to Serve Your Community

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As a student, there’s a lot you can do to provide support to your community. And as a student, it’s a good idea to do just that. This is not just because it looks good on your resume or college applications (which it does), but more so because it will provide you with different skills and experiences. You’ll cultivate the skills to become a better student and the empathy to become a better person. If this is something you want to work on, read on to learn some of the different ways to serve your community.

Plan a Donation Drive

One of the best ways for students to get used to giving back is by planning and holding donation drives. This doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking, especially at first. You could begin with a clothing donation drive around your neighborhood or on your dorm room floor. From there, once you feel comfortable, you could take the steps to plan bigger and larger donation drives in the future. Just make sure to check out tips for planning a donation drive to ensure you’re taking proper steps!

Donate Blood Consistently

In addition to planning donation drives, make sure that you’re taking the time to donate yourself. As a good option for consistent generosity, donating blood is especially imperative during the pandemic. If you’re healthy and have tested negative for COVID-19, make an appointment to give blood. It will make a huge impact on your community or communities across the country.

Mentor Children

When things open back up and we’re at a safe place in society, you should think about mentoring children. After the pandemic, children are going to need that connection with others. You can help with that in various ways; for example, you could volunteer at your local Boys & Girls Club. Reach out to middle schools or high schools and see if there’s an after-school program you can help out with. Volunteer at camps or reach out to neighbors to see if you can help their children. Mentoring doesn’t even have to be a strict learning experience; kids spending time with someone older will inherently help them learn!

Volunteer Whenever Possible

In that same vein, get in the habit of volunteering regularly. Especially when school kicks back up, it’ll be easy to focus on everything you need to get done. However, make sure that volunteering is on that list. It’s great for resumes and it’s even better for improving your emotional intelligence. Whether you volunteer at the local retirement home or volunteer as a kid’s soccer coach, these things make a difference and make an impact on who you are and on your community.

Establish Healthy Habits

Lastly—and this one might sound strange—do your best to establish healthy and helpful habits for yourself. One of the best ways to serve your community has to do with you as an individual. Are you constantly littering every time you’re on the road? That’s a habit to break that will help your community. Are you rude when you’re tired? That’s a habit you can break and a new one you can form that will serve your community. Small changes still make an impact!

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