Tips To Ensure Success at Your New Job

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ensure success at your new job

It can be hard to navigate the nuances of your new job, whether it be the dynamic of the work culture, your new workflow, or just the general rules of office life. Take a deep breath, know that you can do this, and consider these tips to ensure success at your new job. 

Dress for the Occasion

Most places of work have a specific dress code; normally they go through it during orientation. But try to anticipate this by expanding your wardrobe before you start. This doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars on dozens of new shirt and pant combinations. Purchase a few new button-up shirts, polos, fresh pants, and khakis to bolster the collection of professional clothes you already have. Stick with the safe options at first until you have a full idea of what the dress code is—some places are stricter than others. 

Be Attentive at Orientation and Training

Once you begin, be sure to bring a notebook and writing utensil with you. They may provide you with these, but it behooves you to preempt these situations. Listen to what they say about company policy and take notes—you won’t be able to remember everything from memory.

Take extra care when writing down your own department’s duties and expectations. The more notes you have now, the fewer questions you will have later. Being prepared will show your new managers that you’re taking your new role seriously.   

Ask Questions

Ask for clarification when you become lost during orientation and continue to ask questions when you first begin your work. Just make sure that the questions you ask haven’t been answered during orientation or training. Asking the same questions repeatedly shows that you’re not paying attention to what your trainers are saying or that you are not taking notes.

Ask the appropriate questions and ask them immediately. Holding off on asking for vital job information will not only slow down your productivity but could slow others down if they rely on your work.


Organize the files on your computer in a way that makes sense for you. Having multiple folders is okay if they are clearly marked and easy to navigate. Having files build up in one single folder for weeks or months is a sure way of misplacing important information. The same concept goes for physical files if you have them. Make sure that papers are filed away in the correct folders and can be easily found when needed.

Keeping your desk cabinets clean is just as vital as keeping your digital folders clean. Staple documentation the correct way, keep files together and in the correct order. Using paper clips or tape can result in losing documents; stapling ensures that they stay in one place.  

Keep all these points in mind when starting your position. Conduct yourself properly and professionally to ensure success at your new job.

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