Different Types of Careers for Pilots

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different types of careers available for pilots

Being a pilot is a fun dream, as you can fly across the world and see the entire planet. However, it can be hard to turn this dream into a reality without committing to a pilot’s career. The good thing is that there are many different types of careers for pilots to choose from, so you can find one that suits your preferred lifestyle.

Carrier pilots

Carrier pilot is a broad spectrum of jobs that involves the use of planes to carry large amounts of people and cargo from place to place. These represent the traditional jobs of commercial pilots as well. This is usually a very consistent job, as most pilots work for large companies to fly planes from location to location. This includes all quality of flights—from high-quality first-class flights to smaller, just functional flights—carrier pilots can do it all.

Military pilots

Another option is to join a military program as a military pilot. After an extensive background and screening process, if you join the program, you will receive enough training to handle the demands of the job. Usually, a military pilot does not put in as many flight hours as a normal commercial pilot and spends most of their time in training on the ground or in simulators. This is to save resources as necessary. One thing to note for a military pilot is that there will not be as much travel to other places when compared to a carrier pilot.

Flight instructor

Another option for a career as a pilot is to teach. Flight instructors are in high demand, with multiple benefits that a regular pilot’s job lacks. First is a consistent schedule. Normally, commercial pilots work when the flight demands, which can be very random and the flights can last for many hours. Flight instructors work a typical hour set and can plan their days out. Being an instructor is also a great way to get yourself more flight hours. Many pilot jobs require high amounts of flight hours that can be hard to accomplish. However, a flight instructor often racks up a large number of flight hours quickly.

Emergency services

Another way to fly is to serve the public as a pilot for emergencies. This would include ferrying injured people to hospitals or perhaps piloting a plane designed to fight fires. Often, they use a helicopter in these situations over a plane because of its mobility. However, you can take helicopter lessons at flight school to prepare for this kind of job. Police also need pilots to help in search and rescue missions along with chasing people.

These are just a few of the different types of careers available for pilots. Other common career paths include becoming a personal pilot or participating in the shipping business. Just know that when you choose to become a pilot, you’ll have plenty of options.

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