Taking a Semester Off? Here Are 4 Things You Should Do Before You Leave

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taking semester off

If you’re getting ready to take a semester off at college, there are several things you need to think about first. Of course, it’s important to plan what you’ll be doing during your time off, but there are also arrangements you’ll need to make before you leave school. There are many things you should consider. Here are four things you’ll need to do before you leave college for a semester off.

Put Your Living Arrangements in Order

If you’re living on campus, getting your living arrangements put in order is as simple as not enrolling for the next semester. For those living off campus, though, the process is a bit more complicated. You’ll need to arrange to break your lease, and it may be necessary for you to pay an additional fee for doing so. Though you can also sell your lease to another student.  Some landlords will work with college students to make moving in and out easier, so it’s best to talk with your landlord about your options. It also might be worth scheduling housing for when you get back.

Find a Place for Your Belongings

Assuming you plan to come back to school after your semester off, it doesn’t make much sense to move all of your belongings when you leave. Putting your things in storage is usually the best option, since it’s cheaper than keeping up the rent on an apartment you aren’t using.Mini-storage facilities are fairly affordable and can store your belongings securely while you’re taking some time away from college. This can also be a great resource for when you are headed home over the holidays or the summer.

Give Notice at Your Job

Students who have part-time jobs will need to give adequate notice before leaving their schools for a semester. This is especially important if your job was arranged through the college. Even if you’re only working part-time at a restaurant, though, it’s still courteous to give at least two weeks notice to your employer. If you like your job, you might even see if your employer will be willing to hire you again when you go back to school. Talk with your boss about your options. Your trip may also offer up new opportunities. Keep an eye out!

Arrange Transportation

Once you’ve got everything else taken care of, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll be getting to wherever you plan to spend your semester off. If you own a reliable car, this step won’t be too much of a problem. Otherwise, you may need to get tickets on a bus, plane or train to reach your destination. Reach out to friends you see if you can organize a carpool. If it’s a school related trip, such as a study abroad, your university should offer discounts and tools for finding transportation. If you need to buy tickets, you should plan well ahead of time for the cost.

Following these four simple steps will make sure that everything is prepared for your semester off. Take care of your living space, your belongings, your job, and your transportation plans ahead of time, so you can relax in the time leading up to your trip. Once you have these things taken care of, you can begin enjoying your time away from school. Take care and good luck!

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