Tips for Preparing To Be a Registered Nurse

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Tips for Preparing To Be a Registered Nurse

Nursing is a quickly growing field, and that growth has no end in sight. As a student, you might be wondering what you need to do to become a nurse, and one of the first tips for preparing to be a registered nurse is to go to school and earn a degree. While obtaining a degree, you need to understand the role of an RN and what the career path looks like.

Earn Your Degree

As an RN, you need to understand the process of what getting a degree in nursing looks like. For example, some students go to community college to get an Associates of Science or Applied Science in Nursing before applying to four-year schools and moving on to a bachelor’s and further schooling. This path is one option if you desire to be a nurse. However, you can go straight to a four-year if you know what your career path looks like and you have an idea of what specialty you want to go into.

Choose Your Career Pathway

As an RN, your career path starts as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). An LPN is an excellent fit for you if you’re looking to get started right away or if you want to see what work life would look like before deciding to pursue nursing. While working as an LPN, you can earn credits that can transfer to an RN program in the future. As a CNA, your duties include bathing patients, getting them dressed, and feeding them.

Learn the Necessary Skills

To become an RNA, you need to have a few skills to help you succeed in your job. One of the essential skills is working under pressure, especially when learning about safety in elderly patients if you work geriatrics. Remaining calm around others can help alleviate situations by preventing nervous breakdowns and other patients from reacting negatively. Organization, too, is a vital skill for succeeding as a registered nurse.

Get the Essential Materials

To help prepare to become an RN, you need the essentials. The essentials range from scrubs to a stethoscope to a good pair of shoes that won’t tire you out. Also, plenty of water and healthy snacks can get you through a long day or night shift. Doing these little things can help get you prepared for nursing school and to become a registered nurse. Also, don’t forget to shadow a nurse so you can get an idea of what a day of working as a registered nurse would look like.

As you continue down your career path, remember these tips for preparing to be a registered nurse if you’re interested in looking further into a career in the health field. Nursing is a rewarding field that many pursue and succeed in; many find it rewarding to treat patients of all types. Choose this path and find more about the rewarding benefits of being a nurse.

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