Tips for College Students Studying in Science Labs

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Tips for College Students Studying in Science Labs

If the sciences call out to you while you’re in school, you have your work cut out for you in many ways. It isn’t a simple task to go into the sciences as an undergraduate; you’ll be responsible for a lot of extracurricular lab work that you need to be able to handle. Scientific studies can seem overwhelming to many newer students, and we want to help you feel more comfortable and get the most out of your time studying. Here are a few tips for college students studying in science labs to help you glean the most benefits.

Branch Out When You Can

Science labs can be both extremely focused on one subject while at the same time working extremely close to other departments. You may go into your lab work in one subject but find that you have opportunities to branch out and try other subjects as well. Take these opportunities when you can—you might find that there is an aspect of your studies that you enjoy more than the one you initially picked.

Respect the Equipment You Use

Lab equipment is expensive and often very delicate. For many college students, this is the first time you’ll be faced with such sensitive equipment. Remember that it is part of your job to use the equipment responsibly and ensure its longevity. Besides avoiding the financial hit of having to pay for something you break or misuse, it’s also just good sense to show that you’re a responsible scientist to your peers and mentors.

Search for a Good Mentor

Speaking of mentors, one of the best tips for students studying in science labs is to seek one out wherever you can. Mentorship is one of the best ways to really learn a lot about what you do daily and what your future could look like. Find a mentor you trust to give you applicable advice to the path you want to take in your own career. The best mentors are ones that take a real interest in your growth as you work in the lab.

Make Goals for Yourself

Goal setting is a powerful tool no matter what subject you choose to study. Don’t go into the lab without some kind of plan of what you want to get out of the experience. Goals can enhance your lab experience by giving you something to work toward rather than always just doing what you’re told so you can leave on time.

Balance Your Work and School Load

Lab work is something you’ll need to balance along with your normal schoolwork. That’s a lot to handle for one person, but you can make it work as long as you plan ahead. Expect that lab work will take you a bit longer than you think it will initially, and don’t make big plans directly after your lab time because you may still be in the middle of an experiment.

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