How To Prevent High School Burnout During Midterms

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How To Prevent High School Burnout During Midterms

Midterms are soon upon high schools around the country, and even the thought of studying for multiple exams at once is enough to exhaust everyone in the classroom. Here are three tips on how to prevent high school burnout during midterms and get on to enjoying your winter break.

Start Out Organized

Organization is key to surviving multiple upcoming tests and tasks. Before midterms arrive, visit a school supply store to revamp your selection of organizational tools so that you have everything you need to start off strong. Remember to pick items that you know you will use, from highlighters and color-coding stickers to index cards and three-ring binders. There’s no reason to invest in study tools that don’t help your individual learning style!

Time management is another organizational challenge students face. Not everyone manages their time the same way, and that’s okay. Using whatever method works for you, block out sections of your day for studying so that you don’t spend all-nighters cramming in facts. Keep an agenda, calendar, or lengthy list of phone alarms to stay on track.

Seek Support From Everyone

Midterms don’t happen in a void. Each class has its own big project or intense exam, and you’re expected to dedicate yourself to each one equally. So, first, be upfront with your family that you are, in fact, expecting to become remarkably busy. Chances are they’ve been in the same position you are now and will understand. Negotiate ground rules and ask for their help keeping you on track if necessary.

Next, communicate openly with your teachers. Not every teacher is very flexible, but some can offer you wiggle room when it comes to deadlines. Others can schedule out blocks of their office hours to meet with you or arrange student study groups and tutoring sessions to benefit the multitude of students in your position.

Just be honest with everyone (including yourself), and ask for help and accommodations when you need them. It’s best to start this communication process as early as possible so that you can develop an accurate and well-structured schedule for your study times and due dates.

Be Kind to Yourself

We all just need a break sometimes. Give yourself permission to step away and go be more than a student for a little while. Exercise, eat, drink water, read a chapter of your favorite book, have a 30-minute venting session with friends—whatever you need to do to re-energize and feel like you do more in a day than turn pages and take notes. Just remember to be mindful of your time and your goals as you incorporate these necessary pauses.

Preventing high school burnout during midterms is hard. As if this time isn’t stressful enough for high schoolers, you don’t have a ton of time to get ready before the next big round of exams. Just remember that you’ve gotten through intense exams before, and you can certainly do it again!

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