Ways Indoor Plants Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Ways Indoor Plants Can Improve Your Mental Health

During the various lockdowns over the past year and a half, growing healthy house plants blew up on social media, going from a fun activity to a serious hobby. With all the time in the world, people across the country took up this green thumb movement. However, people may not know that there are many ways indoor plants can improve your mental health, boost your overall mood, and lessen the feeling of separation or seasonal depression.

A Hobby That Stimulates Your Mind

One reason people love growing inside plants is that the hobby is engaging, stimulating, and rewarding. Many people still spend many hours in their homes thanks to health concerns or remote work, so finding enriching activities around the house is challenging. With the indoor plant lifestyle, your brain gets a serious mental workout.

A watering routine motivates you to keep good daily habits and activates your brain’s memory and critical thinking areas. Plants demand time out of your day for regular care and maintenance. Lastly, taking on this responsibility produces feelings of pride and purpose. Since there is an increased chance of experiencing depression symptoms during the colder months or a lockdown, this hobby is stimulating and beneficial for mental health.

Better Air Quality in the Home

Plants and trees are the earth’s lungs, as they absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to fresh air. Indoor plants operate in the same way, recycling your air quality throughout the home. During a dry winter, your plants also provide natural humidity.

More natural oxygen can encourage better mental focus and overall mood. Furthermore, clean air keeps you physically healthy, directly benefiting your mind. Indoor plants are beneficial for remote workers and students—a long day behind the computer is draining and decreases your brain’s sharpness. Plants such as English Ivy, bamboo palm, and dragon trees are the best at cleaning the air of toxins and chemicals. Plus, they’re beautiful, low-maintenance additions to your green décor.

Exposure to Nature During Colder Months

Mental health benefits immensely when we expose ourselves to nature. As human beings, feeling the natural rhythms of nature boosts our mood and calms our minds. During the winter, the cold keeps us locked inside. Consequently, we miss out on precious outdoor moments.

Bring the outside indoors with luscious plants that remind us of nature—even the appearance of greenery evokes positive emotions and relaxation. While the weather outside is frightful, growing plants inside is delightfully easy. Dedicate time each day to care for your plants, providing them plenty of water, sunlight, and proper nutrition from concentrated all-purpose plant fertilizer.

You now know the many ways indoor plants can improve your mental health, so put on your green thumb and get to work. It’s a straightforward activity perfect for any dorm or apartment, and the benefits to your body and mind are crucial during extended periods at home. The indoor plant community is strong on the internet, providing social interactions that lower feelings of depression. With that in mind, happy planting!

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