Lifetime of Learning: 4 Ways to Set Kids up for Success in College

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Studies confirm that parents’ involvement in their kids’ education helps steer them towards success in learning institutions. Parent involvement requires a parent to partner with the school to improve their children’s educational and academic performance.

As a predictor of your kid’s success, you need to encourage lifelong learning at different educational levels, particularly college education. Summer brain drain can hinder your kid’s academic progress, hence, the need to find suitable learning programs.

Through these proven ways, you can help your kid succeed in college.

STEAM Summer Camps

During summer, students stop learning and even some of the knowledge already acquired in school. Most kids spend their summer break participating in summer camps and visiting loved ones, forgetting their books.

A STEAM summer camp is designed to help students continue their STEAM-focused curriculum. Instead of taking your kid to a summer camp that focuses on exploring passion, socializing, and fun activities, you should consider STEAM summer camps to minimize the effect of summer brain drain.

Since STEAM summer camps help kids explore practical pursuits of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, attending the program can help spark their interest in science. Kids that go to summer camps that incorporate the STEAM curriculum are much better off than their fellow children. These types of summer camps really help give children a leg up on their learning and understanding in education.

Afterschool Programs

Afterschool programs (also known as Out-of-School Time Programs) are designed to help students improve their academic performance by providing academic and enrichment activities after school. After school programs have proven to be effective in enhancing student educational outcomes, social and emotional learning, and school attendance.

Since afterschool programs are available for kids of all ages, you should consider enrolling your kid during the summer. Consistent participation in afterschool programs will help your kid succeed in college because of academic support, mentoring relationships, and workforce development opportunities.

After school programs are second to one, especially one that helps improve academic ability and enjoyment. Kids thirst after knowledge, so being to help them receive a drink is an incredibly important step.

Encouraging Your Children

Parents are responsible for preparing their children for the next education step by stimulating their critical thinking, observation, and communication skills. In the 21st century, children need skills and knowledge to become successful innovators. Encouraging your kid to a STEAM-focused curriculum will help spark the love for sciences and arts.

Enrolling your kid in a STEAM curriculum will improve their creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and self-confidence. Taking an interest in your child’s education will go a long way when it comes to helping them learn more more rapidly, and helping them retain information.

Be sure to work with their teachers too, as this can help them be on the same page as the class. Helping your child stay in the know will help them become a better student overall. 

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities allow kids to explore their interests, nurture their talents, and grow their strengths outside the classroom. Today, co-curricular activities matter in college admission because they help students explore creative outlets and develop their interests.

Preparing your children for college success should start by allowing them to participate in extracurricular activities. In addition to exploring creative outlets, co-curricular activities help students develop problem-solving skills, resilience, and discipline.

Parents and teachers should share the responsibility of helping children learn and meet educational goals. Since family-school partnership on educational matters is associated with improving academic success in children, you should take these steps to prepare your kid for success in college.

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