4 Areas of Healthcare You Can Major in While Attending College

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Do you have a calling to help people? Healthcare requires a certain type of person that’s logical, calm, and caring at the same time. If your personality and interests correspond with a career in healthcare, you should answer your calling by training in the medical fields while in college.

Of course, there’s a lot of roads you can take. Here are 4 areas of healthcare you can major in while attending college.

Physical Therapy

Athletes and patients recovering from an injury require help with their mobility, and they can find a solution in physical therapy. Physical therapy focuses on movement and physical recovery using safe exercises that progress at an effective yet appropriate pace.

You can train in physical therapy as an undergrad and use that degree to become a physical therapist or a gym teacher. You also have the option to continue your education into orthopedic health if you so desire.

Physical therapy is a great way to recover after an injury, so be sure to keep this in mind. Physical therapy does almost as much as surgery does because it helps the body recover so well.

It really helps stimulate muscles so that they will heal quicker and more completely. Recovering after an accident or injury can be difficult without physical therapy.

Dental Assistant Training

Oral health is a very important facet of healthcare. However, dental training is extremely specialized. In college, you can start your oral healthcare career by learning about dental assistant training.

Many colleges have programs that will propel you into your future career with the option to continue your education to become a dentist. If you desire to become a dental assistant or dental hygienist or even a dentist, this sort of training will come in handy.

It will be the basis of your healthcare career, so be sure to give it the utmost care and attention at all times.

Mental Health Services

Some people find themselves drawn to the mysteries of the human mind and human behavior, especially in cases when the mind appears to fail its host. People who experience depression and anxiety have an illness that needs a cure, just like a typical doctor.

The mental health industry has boomed over the years, meaning there’s a lot of professional opportunity there. Mental health services include therapy with therapists who don’t have a doctorate but studied psychology and sociology in college.

A psychiatrist has a doctorate and has the ability to prescribe medication to patients. Thankfully, there is a psychedelic medicine revolution happening right now, and so better, much more effective medicine will soon be available to all who suffer from mental health challenges in their lives.

This will enable more people to be helped more quickly.


Begin your career in healthcare by going to school for nursing. This is a great option for people who want more of a traditional healthcare career. You will study the human body and basic injuries and illnesses and how to treat them.

Many hospitals and medical centers will contribute to continued education for nurses who want to get their masters or doctorate. This is a great way to get your school paid for or partially paid for.

Be sure to ask your supervisor if this is an option your individual healthcare company does. This is how most students in the healthcare industry pay for their education, as it is too expensive for them to pay out of pocket.

College is the time to pick a career path. You have a lot of options if you want to pursue a career in healthcare. Pick a path that suits your personality as well as your personal interests.

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