How To Become a Babysitter Parents and Kids Love

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How To Become a Babysitter Parents and Kids Love

It’s not a coincidence that a student’s life is synonymous with a lack of funds—attaining education is costly. That’s why we can always use a little bit of extra cash here and there, but finding those avenues for gaining that can be a bit challenging. One great fallback is babysitting, as parents will always need an extra pair of hands and eyes to watch their kids.

However, parents tend to keep a list of the vetted sitters they will go to and may not stray further from that. As such, you want to make sure your name gets on that list so that you’re one of the first calls they make. Here’s how to become the babysitter that parents and kids love.

Respect Parents

One of the best ways to have parents hold you in high regard is to respect them and honor their rules and wishes. At times, this may be a little difficult, especially if their rules are unfamiliar or odd to you. At the end of the day, the main thing you should concern yourself with as a babysitter is keeping the kids healthy and happy. You must trust that the parents know how to do that and show them that you dutifully follow those rules.

Get Organized

Nothing can damage your reputation and ability as a babysitter more than a lack of sufficient organization. It may seem trivial, but learning how to organize will greatly benefit you as a babysitter and a student. Consider purchasing a notebook or binder where you can keep track of payments, notes, medications, and any important notes pertaining to each kid.

For example, you can note that one of the kids you babysit has a habit of needing a snack before bedtime. Before you head over to babysit, take a look through your notes. It will help remind you of their various habits and make you better able to take precautions. When you know how to anticipate the needs of the kids, they will feel special and cared for.

Take Feedback

If you aren’t open to feedback, you aren’t open to improving yourself. As such, consider asking the parents and even the kids for any feedback they have that would help you improve. When you stay open to feedback and improvement, you become a babysitter that parents and kids love.

Being open to feedback and using it is something that will help you as you grow. This is a great and non-threatening place to start if you struggle with receiving feedback.


Communication and honesty are strongholds in a person with character. That’s why maintaining open and honest communication with the parents will make you a better babysitter. As such, let the parents know about anything going on with the kids and provide updates periodically if they wish. Moreover, make sure you let the parents know in advance whether or not you will be out of town so that you can give them enough time to find a backup.

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