Tips for College Students Renting Their First Apartment

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Tips for College Students Renting Their First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment during college is an exciting experience. This is your chance to decorate your new home to your liking and possibly have your own bathroom—this is life. However, don’t buy your home décor yet—you must go through a few steps before you get your keys.

Before next semester begins, here are tips for college students renting a first apartment to ensure that you have a positive move-in and living experience in your first place.

Find a Safe Neighborhood

No matter where you are, apartment hunting is difficult and tedious. You want to ensure that you’re in a safe neighborhood so you can sleep more peacefully at night. Walk or drive around town to find a place close to a local grocery store or your college major building since you spend most of your time there.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, ask a relator about your desired apartment or townhouse area. A relator can help steer you away from shady properties or contracts. They can show you the best places for your budget and maybe even exclusive properties!

Have a Cosigner on Standby

Most student-living apartments require a cosigner since most college students don’t have strong credit scores, lack credit history, or have low income. A cosigner—typically a parent or guardian—will have the responsibility, along with you, for the lease. Using their income, credit history, and credit score will make it easier for the landlord to decide if they want to hand over the keys.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The best tip we can give college students renting their first apartment is to ask as many questions as possible. You want the best bang for your buck, so when you’re on a tour of the property, ask the property manager the following questions:

  • Are utilities included in the rent?
  • When is rent due, and what is the late fee?
  • Can I have a pet on the property? If so, what’s the additional fee?
  • Is there parking?
  • Can I repaint the walls?
  • How do I go about making maintenance requests?

Look for Roommates As Early as Possible

Nobody wants the stress of finding a roommate and a place to live at the last minute. It’s always best to find your roommate(s) in advance so you all can be on the same page when apartment hunting. You all should agree on the “must-haves” for the apartment—perhaps you all want the place to have parking and central air conditioning. You should also find a roommate(s) who has the same budget as you so there’s no conflict. It’s a great idea to create a list of everything you all own or can bring to the apartment to share so you don’t purchase duplicate items.

Don’t Skip Out on Renter’s Insurance

Since it’s your first time renting, you must consider purchasing renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance covers liability, personal property, and additional expenses. For most college students, your first apartment is a life experience that teaches you many lessons, and more times than not, you’re going to live in a student-living complex.

Student-living apartment complexes are more prone to break-ins, damage, and accidents. To protect yourself financially, purchasing renter’s insurance is always best. It helps prepare you for the unthinkable.

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