How To Deal With a Snoring Roommate in College

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How To Deal With a Snoring Roommate in College

Once you’ve had a long day of lectures, study groups, assignments, and socializing, you want to return to the dorm and sleep peacefully. That’s until your roommate has the same idea and ruins your rest with their snoring. Living with a snoring roommate is one of the downsides to cohabitation, and addressing the issue without sounding rude can be tricky.

You must feel rested for your classes the next day, and if snoring keeps you up all night, you should talk to your roommate. Keep reading if you’re having trouble navigating dorm life with a snoring roommate.

Why Do People Snore?

There are many reasons why people snore, and there are many more misconceptions about snoring. Snoring occurs when there’s not enough airflow traveling through your nose and throat. This causes the throat and nasal tissues to vibrate, which produces that infamous sound.

Some people snore for simple reasons, such as congestion from a cold, allergies, or sleep apnea. The fact is that no one is snoring on purpose, and there is a chance that your roommate doesn’t even know they snore at night.

How Do I Address My Roommate?

Addressing your roommate about snoring can seem intimidating, especially if you like to avoid conflict. However, you need to get as much rest as possible to have a productive day, which can make the situation unfair. You should address the issue before you both head to class.

You can start the discussion by asking them if they’re aware that they snore. Afterward, you can suggest they sleep on their side. You can also recommend that they wear nasal strips for better airflow. However, you should always be considerate in speaking to your roommate and respect their decisions.

Drinking before bed can also cause snoring. If you know your roommate likes to part, suggest that they don’t drink right before heading to bed.

How To Get a More Peaceful Slumber

While your roommate might be the one that’s snoring, you can deal with a snoring roommate by changing some of your habits or investing in tools that will help you get a more peaceful slumber. Below are a few suggestions to get a better night of sleep.

  • Use earplugs
  • Use headphones to listen to music
  • Try to fall asleep before them
  • Don’t look at your clock
  • Listen to white noise

If All Else Fails

If everything else fails and you can’t get a good night’s sleep, it might be best to reach out to your administration about switching roommates. Although this shouldn’t be your first choice, it may be the right option after other solutions fail. Getting proper rest is important to your health, and you should put your health and ability to function during the day first. That said, remember that there are no hard feelings, and your roommate isn’t to blame for the noises they make in their sleep.

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