4 Tips to Stay Stress Free in College

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Stress is one of the most unfortunate aspects of the college, but nearly every student feels it at some point. Stress can have short-terms effects such as breakouts or it can cause a larger array of problems such as failure in coursework. Furthermore, stress can be an indication of larger problems such as anxiety issues, or it can lead to even bigger medical problems like panic attacks. This is why it is very important for students to understand how they can become stressed and find ways to prevent or treat stress should it become a problem.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Organization is a key component to succeeding in college life without becoming too stressed out. Often college students feel they are able to take it day by day or keep the same habits they had in high school. However, students need to be organized on a variety of levels. For instance, it is important to organize materials for individual classes so that it is easy to find and use at later times.

Time management is often a very crucial aspect of organization as well. With classes sometimes meeting only two or three times a week, students may get the impression that they have lots of time on their hands. However, coursework can be long and tedious and take more time than it may appear.

Set Aside Lots of Study Time

There can be lots of information to take in with a full course load, so it is very important to set aside time to study every day. This is even more crucial during finals or other exams because students tend to want to cram as much information as possible in a short amount of time. This can be a very bad idea as it can lead to loss of sleep and other anxiety related conditions.

Taking the time to learn information as it comes along and reviewing before exams can be more effective and much less stressful for students. Completing other assignments well in advance such as term papers can also help and give more time to review them before they are due by proofreading and editing.

Stay Healthy

For many students, college is the first time that they are on their own with adult privileges. It can be very tempting to neglect one’s health in these circumstances. Not only do college students need to eat right, but they also need to engage in physical activity, even if it is only walking every once in a while.

Furthermore, keeping one’s environment in order can also be a way to stay healthy. This means not only keeping living quarters clean but also keeping clothes clean and in good condition. Of course, personal hygiene is also important and can be a very good way to keep one feeling good about oneself while making sure not to alienate others around who can be put off by the dirty kid.


While schoolwork is the primary focus of college, it is also important to try to find a comfortable social circle. It may not be necessary to go to every party every weekend, but taking some personal time to enjoy life is crucial to relieving stress. If there are free events on campus such as plays, recitals, and even lectures outside the primary course of study, students should try to attend these and take their minds off their regular coursework for a while.

Having a regular cadre of friends can also be soothing and a comfort, especially in times when a student is feeling homesick and lonely. Setting aside some time to not think about school and exams can be a good way to fight stress.

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    Sometimes a little stress can be good. It keeps you on your toes especially when studies are concerned. Also by learning to cope with stress, you will be more prepared for working life.

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