Top Part Time Jobs for College Students

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College students seeking a part time job need to strike a careful balance between good pay, interesting work, and suitable hours. Being a college student is a full time job by itself, and should have priority over other jobs. It is vital that students do not sabotage their future by spending too much time working during college. Students need to find good paying positions that will help them further their post collegiate careers. The following are five part time jobs suitable for college students.


This is a fairly broad category and includes working in the campus library, being a residence assistant, a tour guide, a cafeteria worker, or serving as a technical assistant who troubleshoots classroom computers. These are coveted jobs, and usually only available to students in good academic standing. They feature the convenience of being located right on campus and they are not typically very demanding. Some of these jobs come with an opportunity to do some studying during downtime, and nearly all will offer credit toward tuition.


Being a tutor gives students a chance to use their expertise while gaining some experience in running their own business. Pay for tutoring varies widely depending on subject, class level, and geographical area, but seems to fall in the range of $10 to $20 an hour. This is another job that will mostly take place right on campus, but it does require some self-motivation and a high level of organization and responsibility.


Retail outlets love to hire college students who can work odd hours and shorter shifts. They often find this preferable to filling all their job slots with full time employees. The pay is not huge, but most companies will offer discounts on their merchandise so you may get a break on clothes/electronics/books, etc. Retail work can be tough, especially when dealing directly with the public, but it often has a fun, social aspect. The hours are often flexible as well.


Restaurant servers and bartenders live on their tips and enjoy a lively social atmosphere to work in, but this can be a double-edged sword. Students with energetic, outgoing personalities can make great money in the hospitality business by giving quality service with a smile, but the work is both physically and mentally demanding. There can be a temptation to work too many hours, as there are no upper limits on how much a talented server may make in a shift. This can lead to burnout, causing studies to suffer.

Paid Internship

Here is the holy grail of college jobs. Paid internships give students a considerable career boost while paying them for their time. Although an internship does not guarantee a job after graduation, it will certainly provide an edge over the graduates who have not done them. Depending on the internship, some schools will also award college credit for the position, an aspect that may make even an unpaid internship "paid" in a way. Competition is justifiably fierce for these jobs, but there is a bright spot; new legislation by the U.S. Department of Labor requires stricter guidelines for employers offering internships, and the percentage of paid vs. unpaid internships is on the rise.

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