The Main Areas Of Psychological Study

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Psychology is a discipline that tries to study scientific mental behaviors and functions of people in the society or even an individual mysterious/unique social behavior with an aim of benefiting the society. In reference to applied psychology, it is used to overcome problems in real life which include; health, education, ergonomics and mental health. Applied science entails areas such as, counseling psychology, occupational health psychology, clinical psychology and community psychology.

Psychologists give their best in trying to understand the task of mental functions in someone and their social behaviors. Human growth as well as their development is observed in the braches of psychology i.e. neurological methods. To get a good understanding of the concept psychology one need to attend a recognized and established college offering relevant courses. Discussed below are various areas of psychology:

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is one of the areas offered and studied in colleges. It involves assessment and relieving patients under stress or psychological problems. It results to personal development and well-being of an individual. The area is broad as there are psychologists who work within specified groups like the aged and are found in several care centers; community health centers and also in hospitals. Study of clinical psychology is accompanied by both forensic testimony and neuropsychology.

Health psychology

The psychologists pay attention in treatment of illness as well as prevention. Body health and fitness are the main priority as they concentrate on treatments. Psychological extents of a person and their social behavior are not ignored to ensure positive results by psychologists. There are special programs run to help people cope with different situations including; management of stress, quitting smoking and weight loss. Specialist in health psychology are mostly found in medical schools as teaching staff, rehabilitation units and in public health is in these centers that psychologists get to know and understand how individuals with health complications cope.

Counseling Psychology

Psychologists in counseling lay their main focus on individuals whose disorders can be amended. Training in counseling is a common practice not only carried out in colleges but also in private organizations. Any setting involving a group of people with a main target, always has a counseling center. In academic centers or even mental health units are examples of such settings. It emphasizes on development, emotional and education issues.

educational psychology

The area with human learning concerns is educational psychology. Scope of teaching in schools and colleges is under this area. This tries to bring forth development of strategies used in learning activities by carrying out research to either improve the strategies or change them.  Experimentation and evaluation is key in this area as they are meant to improve teaching methods.

Educational psychology as an integral part of applied psychology is concerned about human learning. The understanding of learning and teaching process is the objective of the area as well as improving materials and effective strategies.

Environmental psychology

Environmental psychology is another discipline offered in college and it involves the relationship between psychological developments and the environment within. This environment involves working places and at home. People have different attitudes towards the environment. The way in which a particular office is organized can have an immense effect on performance and concentration in work place.

family psychology

On the other hand, family psychology stands in between family to ensure there is no family feud hence normal running of the family. In this area, there special are programs meant to guide children and parents. Certain topics on family relations are researched on and they involve; the effects of divorce in a family or child abuse. This acts as enlightenment to many families who get a chance with the family psychologists.

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