Safe Teen Driving: Educating the Students Learning to Drive

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It is a very important point in everyone’s life when they can finally sit behind the wheel, as their own drivers. However, young students feel like they do not have to respect rules and they can get away with anything; unfortunately, most of them do not.

Fortunately though, if you show them how to behave properly as drivers and participants on the road, then rest assured that they will be responsible drivers. At first, setting the ground rules will seem like something that will bother them, but soon enough they will learn to appreciate all the safety precautions.

Back to Basics

Buckle up and keep the safety belt on during the entire trip to ensure maximum safety. Even for passengers it is important to keep their safety belts on, because even if it comes to an accident, the belt could just save someone’s life.

Check your mirrors regularly, even if you do not suspect anything being on the road or if you think that you are safe, think twice. The mirrors are there for a reason, so make sure that your teens get used to the idea of checking them regularly.

If the weather is bad, use extra caution because you can never know how the car will react. It is better to go a bit slower than to swerve into someone else. Make sure to teach them to know their own and the car’s limits as well.

Dedicated Drivers

There should be an absolute zero alcohol tolerance, and you as a parent must enforce this law. Driving while under the influence can not only cause serious accidents but can also result in losing an innocent life. Teens should be aware of just how easy it is to crash while drunk.

It is important to have dedicated drivers, and to keep them in line, if a group of friends decides to have a party. Even if they do drink they should know that one of the friends will be there to help them, and they should never let anyone drive while drunk.

No Distractions

Mobile phones, loud music or even passengers can be a distraction. For teens who are still developing it is quite easy to get their eyes of the road, and even just for a split second; it could end disastrously. Moreover, friends can be a bad incentive for aggressive driving and for doing things driving teens would not do normally.

Speed Demons

We all enjoy a fast ride, and your teens will do so as well. However, tell them that speeding will only get them into trouble and into accidents. Teens must be made aware that they have just started driving and that they still do not possess necessary reflexes and knowledge to act fast when speeding.

Driving Instructors

Most of the times, teens feel like parents are only trying to burden their lives with rules, but if they can get positive reinforcement from a third party, like a driving instructor, then maybe they will listen to how to drive safely. Certainly, encouraging your teen to take a defensive driving course is step you surely won’t regret.

It is imperative that teens pass a driver’s education course, you as a parent can teach them the basics, but it is better if an official walks them through the rules and tricks behind driving.

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One Comment on "Safe Teen Driving: Educating the Students Learning to Drive"

  1. Mark J. 2017/08/03 at 9:33 am ·

    “We all enjoy a fast ride” – yes but not as a newbie driver. I remember when I was learning how to drive. High speed scared the chick out of me because I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to control the vehicle properly. Oh and let’s clarify the “fast” part. That was about 25 mph so yeah.
    Do of course talk with teenagers about it but I don’t think many of them are actually super fond of accelerating when they do now have a great touch with the car yet.

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